A male F1 Cavapoo born June 1st, 2021.

  • A picture of a Ranger, one of Doodle Breeder's 10 pounds Cavapoos
  • Ranger is an F1 Cavapoo that should have

Basic Information

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F1 Cavapoo
Est weight:
8 - 12 lbs
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  • Meet Ranger he is 18 months old and a Cavashon who is 75 percent Cavalier and 25 percent Bichon. He will shed since he has straight hair; but his coat is super simple to maintain no expensive trips to the groomers. His dander should be appropriate for most people with dog allergies; however all our retiring for adoption dogs come with a trial and adoption fee back for 3 months if they do not work out so if you had some mild allergies I wouldn’t be afraid to give him a try. He was bottle fed as a baby as his mother died and he is very friendly and loving. He weighs just 10 pounds and is current on all of his vaccines. He is also health tested as he was used as a breeding stud for Cavapooshons and because he was used as a stud and has the ideal clearances for breeding he is still intact and would need to be neutered and his new family would need to use a belly band until he no longer thought of himself as a stud which I am told is about 3 weeks after neutering. Belly band will be provided as well as shot records. Please text Laura at 434-841-7849 and be patient she has serious medical issues which is why she is downsizing her dogs so she gets stressed out when people are impatient.

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Mother: Rescue

Father: Rescue