Puppy Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO- Register your microchip: Your chip is registered to Virginia Poodles and Doodles as a breeder, but you need to register your own phone number in case your puppy is ever lost. You can register at Nanochipid.com or for free at www.foundanimals.org.
  • DO-Socialize your puppy- but be careful! Letting people and other known and friendly dogs meet your puppy is a great thing- but be careful!

    DO NOT- put your puppy down in public places. Until your puppy is fully vaccinated at 16 weeks. Diseases such as parvo can live in the soil for years. If you need to let your puppy relieve itself in a public area place a puppy pad down on asphalt or concrete, also avoid common dog areas such as dog parks, gas stations or rest areas. Choose less dog traffic area’s like a bank or restaurant.

  • DO use positive reinforcement: Your puppy was trained using Puppy Culture- all positive all the time. Use treats and or a clicker to reinforce good behavior.

    DO NOT- hit spank or yell. Your puppy is a baby, yelling, spanking or other scary behaviors can upset and confuse your puppy.

  • Do keep training! There are lots of Youtube about Puppy Culture and getting the DVD’s or download is even better.


  • DO Feed 3 Times a Day: Morning, Noon and Early Evening. Feed at the same time every day. Routines are important for puppies and makes for happy anticipation and easier housebreaking. Offer as much food as your puppy will eat in 15 minutes, then take the food away. Remove water at 8pm.

  • DO NOT- switch food rapidly. Your puppy was provided with a sample of dog food he was currently eating. If you decide to switch, do it slowly. If your puppy develops loose stool from a rapid food change, give canned pumpkin.


  • DO Take your puppy outside every 2 hours: Your puppy has been trained to use puppy pads and/or a dog door. Take him out every 2 hours for a bathroom break, after eating, waking from a nap or playing.

  • DO NOT- spank, yell at, or put your puppies face in his mess. This will not teach the puppy anything but to be afraid and hide the mess.

Problem Behaviors

  • Jumping up: It might be cute when the puppy is young but not so much when they are full grown. Turn your back. Cross your arms, turn your back and ignore the puppy for 15 seconds. Teach visitors to do the same thing.

  • Biting: Teething puppies are like little sharks. Do keep your hands out of their face! No waving, or playing with your hands near their mouth. Pick the puppy up, point the biting end away from you and ignore for 15 seconds. Offer a teething toy.