Puppy Culture


What is Puppy Culture?

Puppy Culture is a training program for puppies (and adults) that was developed by Jane Killion. Puppy Culture is designed to create confident and secure puppies that go on to be confident and amazing adults. We work with each individual puppy starting at 3 days old until they leave at 8 weeks.

Early neurological stimulation: Starting at 3 days old we have the fun job of playing with puppies. It’s not easy when you have an entire litter or multiple litters! Once a day we do a variety of exercises designed to give each puppy a tiny bit of stress- not to upset them but to create neural pathways, strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular system. This makes the pups more resistant to stress.

 2 Weeks- Seeing the World : When the puppies eyes open they are ready to start moving about, their vision is still very blurry, but they are learning to move away from the ‘nest’ and start pottying off the bed- we start potty training now- using puppy pads outside the bed area so the puppies have a clean area, mom is still helping keep things clean but the puppies can ‘go’ on their own. They are even smart enough to climb in and out of a low bolstered bed. We stop doing the ‘exercises’ and begin introducing different things ot the whelping box, toys, textured objects to walk on, and of course daily cuddling sessions.

3 weeks and beyond- Let’s get Social! It’s a critical period of socialization, getting introduced to challenges, people of all sizes and other friends on the farm. We work on teeter-totters, bridges, leaning how to use a litter box and then the dog door to potty outside. Clicker training and more! Your puppy will be SO FAR ahead of the game by the time he’s ready to go home, all you have to do is snuggle!