Bunny Toy Poodle

Born: 05/01/2022

Breed: Toy Poodle

Weight: 10 lbs

Description: Bunny Is a sweet and loving Toy Poodle. She is white in color with one little brown spot over her […]


Born: 01/05/2022

Breed: Toy Poodle

Weight: 12 lbs

Description: Daisy is a sweet and kind red and white parti poodle. AKC registered, she weighs about 12 lb. She is […]


Born: 01/01/2018

Breed: F1

Weight: 29 lbs

Description: Dotty is a 29 pound mini bernedoodle. She’s friendly, smart and outgoing. She has a smooth coat with furnishings, a […]

Faith (mini Poodle)

Born: 12/18/2022

Breed: Mini poodle

Weight: 25 lbs

Description: Faith is a sweet and loving miniature poodle. She is about 20 pounds. She is Very friendly and intelligent


Born: 09/01/2020

Breed: Moyan Poodle

Weight: 35 lbs

Description: Fancy lives up to her name, a beautiful moyan poodle. She’s apricot in color, super friendly and loves attention. Health […]

Judy Blue Eyes

Born: 04/24/2022

Breed: F1 b Bernedoodle

Weight: 25 lbs

Health tests:
Embark breed and health panel

Description: Judy Blue Eyes is the daughter of Dottie and Patriot. She is an f1b Mini bernedoodle. She is super smart […]

Maddie CKC Toy Poodle

Born: 05/11/2021

Breed: Toy Poodle

Weight: 10 lbs

Description: Maddie is a lovable sweetheart. 10 lb solid black toy poodle. She loves to cuddle and is incredibly intelligent. She […]


Born: 03/07/2021

Breed: Toy Poodle

Weight: 10 lbs

Description: Muffin is a beautiful, beautiful. Ckc registered Toy Poodle. She weighs 11 pounds. she is a sweet, friendly girl, who […]


Born: 05/01/2021

Breed: Toy Poodle

Weight: 9 lbs

Description: Pearl is a sweetheart who shares my pillow every night.  She’s a dedicated mom and loving friend.  She weighs 9 […]


Born: 12/01/2021

Breed: f1 Godlendoodle

Weight: 20 lbs

Rescue poodle

Born: 05/01/2022

Breed: Poodle

Weight: 30 lbs

Description: 20 pounds

VA Poodles Bridget (Super Cute)

Born: 02/23/2019

Breed: Toy Poodle

Weight: 7 lbs

Description: Super Cute Lives up to her name, sassy, funny and outgoing. She is the cutest little thing on the farm. […]