Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a puppy? 

Answer: Please fill out an adoption application then you will be invited to join the waiting list for the next available puppies that will best suit the needs of you and your family.

Q: Do golden doodles shed? 

Answer: It depends on the generation. F1b or Multigen doodles are least likely to shed and are the most allergy friendly. The higher percentage of poodle the less likely your dog will shed. ALL puppies regardless of breed will lose or blow their ‘puppy coat’ so if suddenly at 4-6 months of age your puppy is loosing clumps of hair- not to worry! He’s just growing up and loosing his ‘baby fur’ and developing his adult coat.

Q: Do you donate puppies? 

Answer: We do donate a puppy to a local registered non-profit service dog organization.

Q: What type of food are the puppies eating? 

 Answer: We feed Purina Puppy Chow. We’ll send you home with a baggie too. Please note: If you plan on switching food brands, make sure to make the change gradually to prevent upset stomach. If your puppy gets loose stool from travel or stress feeding unflavored canned pumpkin will help with the transition. 

Q: What type of medical care and shots will my puppy receive? 

Answer: Your puppy will be given a gentle, puppy safe wormer 2 weeks after birth and every 2 weeks after that until they are ready to go home. Why so much worming? Intestinal worms can live on the ground, in the environment and even be transferred from moms milk! Even with the excellent care our dog friends have, there is still a possibility of worms passing onto the puppies and that poses several health risks. Puppies need frequent dosing to keep the population in control. Don’t worry- you will be sent home with a copy of your vet certificate showing all medical care AND a free sample of Sentinel Flea Tick and Heartworm prevention that lasts a whole month! PLEASE NOTE: Sentinel is an excellent company that stands behind its product and should your puppy develop worms while on Sentinel they will fully cover the cost of your vet bill!  

Your puppy also comes with 30 days FREE insurance from Trupanion- make sure to activate your insurance within the first 24 hours of getting your puppy home.

Shots: We do not give cheap, farm supply shots! Each puppy will be given vaccinations for Parvo, adenovirus, and canine distemper by our vet at Central Virginia Vet Clinic. You will receive a copy of the records.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Your puppy is not safe from disease until he or she has had THREE sets of shots. Your puppy will have the first set from our vet- 3 weeks later return to your vet for a second and 3 weeks later for the third and final set. Do not place your puppy on the ground in a public area (dog park, pet store, rest area) until all 3 vaccinations have been given. Parvo, for example, can live in the soil for 7 years! I can be carried on the feet of a totally healthy dog, and contaminate public surfaces. Until your puppy is fully vaccinated keep him or her at home, or in trusted areas around trusted, fully vaccinated pets.

Q: How often do I feed my puppy? 

Answer: Offer your puppy frequent meals in the first 48 hours of coming home to prevent low blood sugar. After that, feed 3 meals a day for the first 6 months. Offer as much dry kibble as your puppy would like to eat for a 15 minute period, 3 times daily. Always offer fresh water.

Q: Can I give my puppy a bath? 

Answer: Yes you can give a puppy a full body bath. We have already given the puppies one and started training them to grooming (nail trimming, sanitary area clipping and face clips) but if your puppy needs a bath, use a gentle no-tears shampoo (baby shampoo works great). Don’t wash too often though, you don’t want your pups getting dry skin.

Q: How do I pay for the puppy at pickup? What forms of payment do you accept? 

Answer: We accept PayPal for deposits and cash at pickup.

Q: I’m out of state, how can I get my puppy? Do you ship? 

Answer: We do offer shipping- either ground (car delivery) or a flight nanny service can be hired. Flight nannies are people who carry the puppy in the cabin on their laps- we never ship cargo. You can find many flight nanny groups on facebook- or we can suggest one for you- they range around $500. Ground shipping is to your door and price depends on location.

Q: I don’t feel comfortable putting a deposit on a puppy I haven’t seen in person. Can I visit the puppy before I pay? 

Answer: To keep our puppies safe and our moms stress-free, we do not allow visitors until the puppies have had their first shots at 6 weeks old. We do offer frequent videos, pictures and can facetime with the puppies.

Q: I changed my mind, is the deposit refundable? 

Answer: The deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to another puppy or litter.

Q: What’s the F? What does F1, F2 etc mean? 

Answer: F1 means First Generation- Purebred Retriever to Purebred Poodle. (Puppies are 50/50 and may look exactly like a golden, or look like a poodle, or a combo of both and have wavy hair. This is the generation of puppies that have the highest likelihood of shedding and NOT a puppy I would pick if you suffer from allergies.

F2 is Golden Doodle bred to Golden Doodle: Puppies are still 50/50 but can receive traits of all poodle, all golden or a mix of both. Most f2 puppies have longer, wavy hair. F2 may be non-shedding, or shed slightly.

 F1b– First Generation Back Cross: Golden doodle x Poodle: This is the most non-shedding and allergy friendly of all the ‘F’s”. The f1b golden doodle is almost always curly.